Patent pending high performance technical textile, combining the attributes of several materials into one.

Kozane® is an innovative high-tech material with greater cut and slash resistance than any other cut-resistant textile or fabric in its class. Abrasion resistance and tensile strength are outstanding and ranked among the world’s best. Yet it is soft and flexible enough to make into comfortable protective clothing without the feeling that you’re wearing a suit of armour.

Kozane® combines several features into one fabric. It’s stretchy, lightweight, breathable, food approved and last but not least: it’s affordable!

Garments made with Kozane® are:

  • Slash resistant
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Cut resistant
  • Tear resistant
  • Puncture resistant

Kozane® protects from, cut, puncture and tear better than any leading competitor and performs above the highest level of EN, ANSI and HOSDB standards.

Top layer provides cut and slash resistance

Bottom layers provide comfort and moisture transport

Function Two independent layers, connected by absorbing yarns.


Gloves, garments for Police & Homeland Security, Military, Prison Service, Motorcycle jeans and jackets, sports and other demanding applications where the risk of cut and slash injury to the wearer is high.